Monday, 24 September 2012

Camper van & conkers

Not sure why my brain is so fixated on time travel lately, but last night I transported back to 1968. And I was actor Richard O Sullivan too.

As Richard I flew in a VW camper van through the sky, arriving at a riverside camping holiday. I knew it was 1968 as the Bee Gees song, 'Gotta get a message to you', was playing whilst I walked around the site.
Waiting for the song to end I looked and saw my camper van had turned into a boat but was on fire. The realisation then hit me that I was now stuck in 1968 forever more.

I then was walking around, as myself now, collecting horse chestnuts for the forth coming World conker championships for which I was the reining World number one.
Walking with me was an Alien that looked like a normal human and I was trying to explain the competition to him but he just couldn't grasp why I had a horse chestnut on a piece of string.

Actually when you think about it .......

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