Sunday, 16 September 2012

Black is black

I woke with the song, 'Things can only get better' by D:ream which I have had before. Maybe my brain likes the groups name being Dream.
There was no colour in my dream, apart from black and grey.

Before this I was in a beach hut looking out at a deserted dull winter scene. I was on the toilet going about my business and the front of the hut was open.
I was sat there so long I fell asleep. When I woke I wasn't able to reach the toilet paper so I just fell back to sleep.

Not sure if I then had the next part of my dream whilst asleep within my dream on the toilet.
But I was running along the street with two black dogs, I told one to stay and it sat obediently. Trying to catch the other dog I found a black Ford Capri unlocked and jumped in.
Driving as fast as the car would go I still couldn't catch the dog.

I arrived at the underground station close to my mums house and started to walk down the hill with a pillow under my arm.
Above my head on a suspended rail, a black train passed by, my wife was in it and I waved to her.

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