Sunday, 9 September 2012

Alien big brother

I was walking in a main road pretending to be a car. I stopped at a set of traffic lights and noticed some plastic sheeting in the junction.
Holding all the other cars up I remove it to prevent an accident.

When on green I continue my journey arriving at a hotel that is accessed via an underground car park. I notice that Jane McDonald is headlining at the hotel and upon reaching the bar I find that the owner has pure white untidy hair and very goofy front teeth. The beer is very flat too, all this in mind I decide to leave.

Next along with work colleagues Lorraine and Matt I am running at full pelt down a street. I am being told via the phone that someone is in trouble. I repeatedly ask Lorraine if she knows what's happening but she appears to be deaf and dumb just looking at me with a blank expression.

As we turn a corner two very old people teleport before our eyes just like being beamed down on the original Star Trek series.
The three of us are then sat at a table in a house eating dinner.
Lorraine suddenly breaks her silence and tells us that we are all on a reality TV show being watched by aliens and that she pretended to be deaf & dumb so she didn't give the secret away.

Jane McDonald a British singer, actress and media personality and broadcaster, who first became (famous) following her appearance on the BBC docusoap The Cruise.

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