Saturday, 25 August 2012

The beast within

I was at my mums house, which I haven't been for a while, both physically and in my sleep.
Mum was cleaning an old wooden writing bureau and it tipped over landing face down.

Looking at the back of it I noticed a secret compartment, upon pulling open a panel I found a beer tankard which had been engraved with the number 1950. I instantly knew that my dad had hidden it there in that year.

Walking off down the street happy that dad had made contact with me in a round about way, I noticed an Asian man who appeared to be in trouble. He was staggering about and I noticed a large knife nearby and concerned that he may fall on it, I tried to move it.

Just as I went to move to it the man grabbed the blade and thrust it into my stomach. I struggle to get my breath and look at the man and ask, "Why?"
The man replies, "I thought you were going kill me".

Lastly I was my friend Timmy's house, his mum and sister were there but they were in black and white.
I walked out to his shed and started to padlock it noticing that I was in fact in the street about a two miles away from my mums house.

A large pink BMW pulls up along side me and a woman who I can only describe as a Barbie/Jordan lookalike offers me a ride.
As we drive along the woman starts to slow and I keep telling her it's further on. She brings the car to a stop and puts her hand on my knee.

Unhappy at this I attempt to get out but she grips my arm, as I pull away from her the woman comes out of her body leaving the empty Barbie/Jordan shell sitting in the seat.
The true inner self of the woman is a darkened burnt like skinny creature with long finger nails and evil looking features.

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