Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stud face & lonely birthday

Being woken by my wife in the middle of the night is fairly common, my nocturnal actions do disturb her at times.
I was dreaming that there was a Velcro band around my stomach and it was constricting me and getting tighter.

I attempted to remove it but it just got tighter and I was starting to panic. I struggled to get it off and began shouting out, which is when I woke my wife who had her arm around my stomach as she slept!

I'm next in the queue to go into prison as an inmate and I'm forming an orderly line as if at the post office.
In front of me is a man that has a face full off studs and earrings. He sets off the bleeper and refuses to remove them.

Next I'm attempting to tidy my mums back garden which is piled high with hundreds of bicycles.
My wife then reverses a huge lorry into the garden, crushing all the bikes.

Finally I go to work and upstairs in the office they are all playing cards and not doing any work. I enter a room and find my friend Ghost and I tell him it's my birthday. He ignores me.
Leaving the building I bump into Timmy and I tell him I'm going home as its my birthday. He ignores me too.

It's not my birthday.

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