Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Stop thief!

I was working on a market stall, a bit odd in that I didn't have anything to sell but I stood there expectantly all the same.
The whole market was under cover inside a train station and I could see my work colleague, old man Geoff on a neighbouring stall. He too had nothing to sell.

I noticed a Romanian boy disappointedly looking over my stall, I could tell his nationality with just a glance.
Suddenly a whistle blew and dogs started to bark and the boy panicking, ran off.
An angry mob pursued the frightened boy shouting, 'Shoplifter stop', a pack of blood hounds on a lead followed with old man Geoff desperately hanging onto them.
What followed was the tracking and capture of the boy after a chase around the station.

Old man Geoff proudly marched his captive prize past me, displaying the boy for all to see and shouting, "Shoplifter'.

I pointed out to Geoff that we had no stock and the boy had stolen nothing.
The disappointment on his face was clear but he still continued parading the boy.

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