Friday, 3 August 2012

Still searching

Yet another dream of me searching for something or someone.
As I initially fell into my slumber last night, I could see a cold stone corridor. Walls, floors and ceiling, all grey stone.

I walked down the corridor towards the open door at its end, light pouring in from outside.
As I exited I was in a graveyard, it was day time but wet and cold.
I opened my eyes and saw the warm reassuring comfort of my bedroom.

I fell back to sleep and started to walk along miles of empty streets. All the roads were if equal length and formed part of a very neat square grid that all interlocked but seemed to go nowhere.

As I continued a bright light shone ahead of me, becoming ever increasingly blinding.
I opened my eyes to see the early morning sun beaming into my bedroom.

I knew I should have closed the blinds last night!

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