Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sly Stallone, you're going down!

After talking in my sleep initially last night asking my wife why she wanted the oven on I started to dream about playing a game on my phone.
It was a ninja fighting game that I was really good at but was playing it whilst sat on the loo.

I'm next in my mums kitchen with my wife discussing mums neighbours looking after our dog. Only problem with that is that they are both deceased. I am washing up his chew bones in the sink as we try to get around the dilemma of asking dead people to dog sit.

I next find myself at the portcullis to a castle. There is a old jaguar car parked across the entrance.
I ring an intercom and the person inside says I can come in but Sylvester Stallone can't.

Looking around I can't see anyone else but then from out of a wheat field walks actor Sylvester Stallone. Sly is looking good with his shirt off, like he did for the Rocky films and not the old wrinkly has been he is now.

Knowing I can't allow him into the castle I decide the best course if action is to knock him unconscious.
Approaching Sly I am half his size and ask him to bend down so I can reach him. He oddly does as I ask and I punch him as hard as I can in the face.
Nothing! Not even a blink and just he stares at me.

Undaunted I continue to punch him repeatedly until finally be is out cold. Luckily he didn't fight back I guess.

Lastly I notice that water is pouring from the ceiling in my house, rushing upstairs to the bathroom I find that the room is completely empty and there is no leak.
Odd, given that I don't have an upstairs?

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