Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Restaurant captive

I was working in a restaurant but not voluntarily, I was a prisoner being forced to carry out my punishment in the kitchen.

There was no way out and the only door was guarded by a man in a motorised wheelchair.
I moved a huge jar of honey that spilt over the top as I did so. I stirred the contents with a ladle and spooned out a heart shaped biscuit which made me smile momentarily.

I was then in my captive sleeping quarters, a small plasterboard room with just a bed in it.
I could hear the wheelchair man outside the door and knew there was no escape. I looked under the covers and I had spilt my cereal bowl over the sheet.

Back in the kitchen I notice it's the last day of August on the calendar. I find a sheet of paper with the alphabet peel off letters on it.
Whilst wheelchair man isn't looking I peel off and stick on September the word 'shit'.

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