Sunday, 19 August 2012

Real life dream & body swapping

I'm totally confused and alarmed by the first part of my dreaming cycle and I'm still convinced it was real.

I woke up in the bedroom standing on the opposite side to the door against a set a draws. I could hear my wife shouting at me, "Shut the door and turn on the light quick!"
I blindly fumbled in front of me in the darkness looking for the light and door.
My wife becoming insistent.

I eventually managed to walk across the room and turn the light on.
My wife was sitting on the edge of the bed looking under it.
She kept telling me to close the door but I couldn't speak and I went into the toilet in the en suite.
When I came out I turned the light off and she shouted at me, "Why won't you do what I say, I swallowed a gnat and there is a black cat in here with a kitten in its mouth". She then walked past me out of the bedroom looking for it.

I got back into bed aware that she was mad at me and drifted off to sleep.

This is the part when I thought I'd started dreaming:
I was in Japan and walking around there were lots of drunken English tourists that were all skinheads in union jack T shirts and boots.

I was in a prison sitting on top of a walkway in the ceiling. A guard was ahead of me and we were talking. The guard was Japanese as were everyone else.
I was slowly crawling along towards him as we spoke. As I reached him I held my hands over his head and I swapped bodies with him.

I was then transported into his luxury home along with his wife and several nice cars. Free from prison I took on his life leaving the guard to be me in jail.

Before writing this today I asked my wife about her 'episode' with the cat convinced I had not dreamt it.
She has no idea about it so it must have been a dream. Have to say it is to date the most realistic dream I've ever had.

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