Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Javelin, death & talking dog

I started off by being in a hospital ward. I had no reason to he there and staff had asked me to leave.

A nurse stood there holding a javelin in a threatening manner but I chose to ignore her. A decision that turned out to be a vast error of judgement as the nurse launched the javelin at me piercing my big toe. The sudden shock and accompanying pain caused me to bolt upright in bed, pulling me out of my sleep.
A quick toe check and I laid back to sleep.

Next I'm in a room which is filling with water, I'm naked and as the water covers my head I can hear the muffled sound of music. I try to reach up and grab my favourite shirt not wishing to be found dead naked. My outstretched hand is grabbed by a Polish woman who pulls me free of the water but too late to save me and I'm laying dead and exposed.

Lastly I am walking my dog and I have a hose pipe with me. I spray random cars and people as I stroll, I have no idea where I am.
Led by my dog who speaks to me, telling me that when we get home he is going to have a sleep.

He pulls me around a corner to a familiar street and we arrive at my mums house.
I look down at my dog who is now wearing a green plastic bin bag.
He looks up at me and says, 'This looks stupid'!

He was right, it did.

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