Monday, 27 August 2012

Hotel strange

I thought as I pieced the different elements of my brain activity together, that it was all just completely random events.
But after reading my notes made during the night, it all took place in a hotel.

Firstly I was watching TV in a hotel room with my wife, however our view was obscured by three female midgets wearing all in one sleep suits.
I left and entered another room knowing that the occupant was out.

I searched the wardrobe and found a big box which had hidden within, very smart clothing, Jewellery along with the biggest diamond ring I'd ever seen.
I put it back and left.

I then found that I was face down seated at a desk fast asleep.
I heard a voice calling my name and looked up to see that I was in an empty classroom. I got up walked out and discovered I was on the roof of the hotel.

In my head I knew that some murders had taken place at the hotel and I set about trying to solve them.
I found some parts of a concrete gargoyle broken on the roof top floor. I pieced then together on the edge of the roof and noticed that when assembled it was a head rest from a Ford Focus car.

Finally and still on the roof I find a tv and video machine. Pushing play I watch a show that gives away the identity of the murderer and it is deceased actor John Mills.
Pleased that I solved the crimes I don't notice his elderly wife walking past me with a blood stained knife in her hand.

She is smiling and humming happily to herself.

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