Sunday, 26 August 2012


Walking in the countryside I appeared in the back garden of my Mother in Law, passing around the side of the house into the street I looked for my car.
I was struggling to locate it as it was very dark and my car is black. Eventually I spot it and the front of it
has been hit and the number plate is hanging off.
Looking at the back I notice that it's only half the length it used to be.

I start to shout out to my wife asking her to wake me up so that I can get away from the dream. I lay on the floor and whilst continuing to shout I roll my face in gravel, getting it imprinted into my face.
My wife at this point does actually wake me as I'm shouting in my Sleep.

Upon sleeping again I'm watching Dr Who in black and white on a very old TV at mums house.
Oddly it's all playing out in slow motion and suddenly ends without conclusion of the storyline.
The voice over man informs me to turn over to BBC2 for the second part.

Finally I'm running through London being chased by persons unknown.
I pass actor Ross Kemp who is a doorman at a shop. He glances up at me and tries to look menacing.
Dashing into a building I descend some stone stairs and can hear footsteps gaining on me.

I burst into a door and an African family are seated watching TV. Not one of them lifts an eyebrow at my entrance.
I hide behind the curtains and looking at my feet showing at the bottom, I levitate so that they can't be seen.
I also appear to have turned into a woman.

I come out of hiding when the danger has passed and notice Bear our ginger cat sleeping on the sofa but he is pure white.
I take a photo of him to show my wife.

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