Saturday, 4 August 2012

Drink driving attitude

I was driving when I saw an argument taking place in the street. I stopped to look and saw that it was Sam Tucker from work and he was taking on four soldiers.
Sam was very drunk and fortunately for him the army boys decided he wasn't worth getting into trouble for and they left.

Sam then staggered into the drivers seat of a car that had a female passenger sitting in it.
The car swerved along the road until it reached a petrol station.
I went over to the car and Sam started to give me attitude. He was saying that he could have easily taken on the soldiers and me too.

The female embarrassed by this walked off leaving me with a very argumentative and annoying Sam.
As he continued Sam's face started to puff up making him look very chubby.

The second part of my dream was rather X rated involving an unknown woman in a short blonde 1970's style wig and myself.

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