Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Assassins & cut finger

The first part of my dream occurred at 02.30, I know this as I got up to use the toilet after making a note of 'machine guns', on my phone.

Three trained assassins were trying to kill me. Two were working together and were armed with machine guns and the lone killer had a hand gun, complete with silencer.

Chased by the solo man I ran into the pair who started to open fire at me. The spray from their machine guns lighting up like fireworks.
The man behind me then starts to fire and I stepped out of a doorway and the three are left to fight it out thinking its me firing back.

After my toilet break, I return to sleep and find myself in the house of a family with so many children I lose count. It's chaotic and the parents ask if I want to go to the pub with them. Agreeing we all get into a large van with enough seats to cater for the whole family.

One of the boys cuts the back seat up using a carpet knife and I notice I have a cut finger. The cut is exactly on the left forefinger knuckle where I actually have a scar from a cut years ago.

As I show the wife of the family my finger, a really white intense light shines from behind her head, blinding me.
I wake at this point with the morning sun blazing through my window.

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