Thursday, 9 August 2012

A collection of odd events.

Lots going on last night, I'm feeling drained.
Starting off I was on the first floor of an office with the window open and I could see various people below.
A guy started to play, 'Going Underground' by The Jam on his guitar and an impromptu singalong began with passers by.

I walk out off the window, onto some scaffolding and slide down a pole into a building site. I watched as three lads climbed into the site with spray cans and start to spray paint the walls.
I shout out at them and they walk over and start to give me attitude.

As they turn their backs to me and walk away, I punch one of them in the side of his head knocking him clean out. The other two turn to confront me and I punch the second on his temple again knocking him unconscious.
The third looking slightly worried tries to back away but I head butt him on the forehead knocking him out too.

At 05.39 this morning I woke after dreaming the following:-

I woke in a strange bed knowing that my wife had been killed. Devastated and inconsolable I just laid in bed crying.
A strange old lady walked in and announced she was my housekeeper and tried to offer me a fish supper. I hate fish.
Then a young teenage girl walked in, sat on my bed and told me she knew that in the future she was going to be raped.
My friend Lou then enters and we both just hug and cry at the loss of my wife.
The housekeeper then injects me with an unknown substance and leaves smiling.

Finally I was in my landlords house helping him and his wife sort some rooms out. We kept finding secret passages and undiscovered rooms and two elevators that they never knew they had.
As I looked at a flowered wallpapered wall, my landlady suddenly burst through the wall laughing frightening the life out of me.

I go into a bathroom and get into the tub to relax. From the other side of the wall I hear Dave from work, he calls out that he is in a bath too. 'Hello brother', he shouts out.
As I look down the water has turned into black coloured balloons that start to float upwards.

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