Monday, 2 July 2012

Zulus & sleep walking

I actually had a momentary head nod whilst at work which resulted in a vision of a baby wearing a crash helmet. I woke with a start much to the amusement of my colleague.

Home this morning and straight to sleep and onto the battlefield.
Michael Caine was taking on the Zulus and I was standing next to him as he shouted orders.
He looked directly at me and hollered, 'Shoot them man'.

It all became a bit odd then as I laid in bed looking up at the clouds passing over the skylight.
Odd in that I do have a skylight and I wasn't sure if I was awake watching this.
I turned over to see my wife sleeping and then started saying how lovely the white fluffy clouds were.

Then needing to pee I put on my dressing gown walked downstairs and into the toilet.
Whilst going about my business I realised I was asleep as I don't have a downstairs.
I looked at the boiler which had a sign on it, as I read the words are spoken in a mans voice, 'waiting for parts, estimated to arrive in four days'.

I opened the door and my wife is standing there and I go back to bed.
Waking up needing the toilet, I put on my wife's dressing gown, walk to the toilet, (on the same floor), and stand there wondering if I was really awake.

I was, am? I think, maybe this is all a dream?

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