Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wonder woman belly slide

Quite a lot going on last night, starting with me squirting shaving foam everywhere and then getting into a sleeping bag. As I drift off to sleep surrounded by foam, the door opens and a boy with downs syndrome hands me a McDonalds coffee.

I'm next sorting through my old clothes and making a pile for keeping and one for throwing out.
I'm left with a huge pile to go and one cardigan that belonged to my grandad, it's very old and full of holes. My dad chooses a coat from the to go pile and tries it on smiling.

Finally my wife and myself are at work at night in a huge empty room. The place is vast and has a highly polished wooden floor.
I run and belly flop, sliding across the room. My wife not wishing to miss out, spins on the spot, turns into Wonder woman, (Lynda Carter version), and also does a belly slide.

Having great fun seeing who can slide the furthest we don't notice the boss enter the room. Doh!

I still do have my granddads cardigan, it's 50 years old.

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