Monday, 16 July 2012

War tank & motorcycle cuddle

I was firstly on a cruise ship that had a massive water filled glass tank on a lower deck that I was looking into through a viewing window. Sat at the bottom of the tank was a helicopter that had crashed during the war.
No indication which war but it was rusted and broken.

I watched as the heli suddenly started to raise up and shot into the air above the ship. As it came down again it had turned into a truck and it crashed and rolled several times in my back garden.

I was in my dressing gown and I peered over the wall that overlooks my courtyard and climbed over sitting in the corner behind my car.
Then hundreds of people appeared all with cameras taking photos of my house.
I just kept perfectly still not wishing to be seen.

Lastly I was at work with my friend Kyle and we were unable to find a works vehicle. The only thing left was a small 125cc motorcycle. We get on and Kyle sits behind me and cuddles me.
Driving through the early morning streets we pass Kyle's house and his dog starts to bark.
It starts to rain and we decide to go back in to get a big van.

Kyle walks into an office where we don't recognise anyone and he is informed that we have been taken over by a company from Hertfordshire.

Bad times.
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