Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tangled web of Jazz

I start last night by knocking on the front door of an old lady who has been burgled.
She lets me in and I ask her what her name is but she has trouble recalling it.
In the next room some Jazz music starts to play. The old lady says, 'John turn that off please'
John, whoever he is ignores her and turns the volume up so loud the room vibrates and my chest is thumping.

I again ask the old lady her name but she just annoys me by not remembering and I hate Jazz music, so I leave. As I exit the door I become entangled in the speaker wires.

Next I am at the bottom of my Nan's old back garden which was at least 100 feet long. I find that I've gone into next doors garden and as I climb through the fence back into Nan's I become entangled in string.
Hearing a large dog barking and getting closer to me I panic but just get more tied up and hang there like doomed fly in a spiders web.

I then find myself on the inside of a house with someone knocking on the door. I can see a females silhouette through the frosted glass on the upper part of the door.
I have the hood up over my head of my top and think it best to take it off before opening the door.

I try pulling it off my head but it's stuck, looking in the mirror I see that it has melted and moulded itself to my head and face leaving me with a permanent grey cotton head.

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