Monday, 9 July 2012

Special fight

Slightly sensitive in that my dream involved two men with clear mental problems.
It's a dream and I have no control over it, so I'm not being derogatory towards anyone.

The two men were both really tall and extremely stocky, what would sometimes be referred to as a gentle giant. Only these two were in no way being gentle.

Both men were standing toe to toe and were punching each other in the head. As they did so they were laughing like simpletons as their faces swelled up and blood splattered everywhere.

An old lady was standing watching this and I approached her and saw that she was crying.
I said, 'Why don't you stop them?'
Wiping away a tear, she told me that she is tired of looking after them and is too old now.

I walked away leaving the sad old lady watching the two men beat each other to a pulp.

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