Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mexican bad ass at the BBC

For the whole of my dreaming cycles last night I was a wanted man.
I don't know what I'd done, but I was being hunted by the law.

To avoid being detected I cunningly opted for the overt method of hiding.
I was out in a packed pub with a work colleague who I refer to as the lone wolf, but that's another story.

My plan was going well until several off duty police officers picked the same location for an after work drink.
I ducked out the back door and away.

My next plan to remain at large was to disguise myself as a Mexican bandit.
With a huge fake tash, sombrero and a poncho, I cleverly boarded a bus full of other Mexicans.
The bus entered the headquarters of the BBC and I laughed to myself as I entered, confident that I'd possibly found the best hiding place ever.

I found myself in a locker room, I opened a locker and found an i phone on the shelf. It started playing music and I started to do a happy dance.
A very attractive female walked in her underwear and just as I thought my day was getting even better, she said to me, 'Nice hiding place, your in court this afternoon', whilst holding up her police ID.

Damn it!

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