Friday, 6 July 2012

Mermaid fishing

Spent hours driving looking for an address in the city of Peterborough last night. I had been given directions but they just wasn't making sense.

I am flagged down by a distressed female who asks me to get her boyfriend out of her house.
When I ask where I am, I told I'm in Southampton!
Wishing to be helpful I climb some stairs towards the front door of her house and I'm passed by an angry looking man.

Not thinking to ask who he is, I reach the top of the stairs only to look down and see the man punching the female. Oops.

I'm next at the harbour side looking onto a fishing boat. There is a mermaid tangled up in the fish nets, along with two child mermaids.
A news report is playing in my head and I hear the reporter saying about the amazing discovery of a mermaid family at Southampton docks.

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