Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lost naked man

I started off by being at a function at a community hall of some kind. The sort of cheap entertainment organised for an old persons birthday or anniversary.
Plastic chairs, finger buffet and bring your drink.

I walked into the toilet and found a mobile phone on the floor, which I decided to keep.
Attempting to get back into the hall I found that I had been locked out, so I start to walk home.
After a shirt distance I notice an old man tagging behind me. I ignore him and go home and get into the bath fully clothed and start to wash my boots.

I then notice the same old man sitting at the other end of the bath and he is naked.
Disturbed by this I get out and take him home. I find a house, open the door and push the still naked old timer into the address.
As I leave a very spooky looking young girl is staring at me outside of another house. I enter this house, get into bed and just as I drift off to sleep I feel the sensation of my hat being lifted off my head.
This actually wakes me for real and I turn over saying, 'What the ....', to see a sleeping wife and puppy.

Off to sleep again I am woken by a supervisor from work called Alan Bradshaw. Alan is nudging his son and telling him it's 6am and he has to clean his teeth, tie his shoe laces and pack his school bag. Not surprisingly the boy starts to cry.

Alan's wife enters the room and my wife and I are yawning at Alan telling his son off. Alan upon his wife entering says, 'Lady Bradshaw is here, get up'.
Confused I start to stretch as my wife grabs my dressing gown and laughs knowing I am naked and unable to get out of bed.

I don't have a hat.

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