Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kindly turn it down

I was walking in the street, an unknown street to me. I approached a block of four apartments and could hear extremely loud music coming from the block.

I entered the building, established that the music was from one of the upstairs flats and run to the front door.
Banging my fist on the door was pointless as the music was drowning out any other sound.

With a well placed right footed boot to the door I was in and searching the place for the source if the noise.
A young female was standing in the entrance door to the kitchen and I tell her to turn the music off.
She just smiles at me which annoys me further.

Grabbing her by the throat I drag her through the flat to the front door and throw her backwards down the stairs.
She slides head first on her back to the foot of the stairs and as she stops at the bottom her breasts fall out.

I turn the music off, calmly walk down stepping over the exposed female and out into the street.
As I pass a shop window I notice that I am totally bald with just one strand of hair sticking up on top of my shinny head.

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