Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Kenny Everett game show

Again I appear to be looking for my dad. He has been departed for several years now so always nice to see him in my sleep.

A supervisor from my work called Warren was being extremely helpful in helping me locate my dad. We were sat in the office and Warren was calmly going through all the possible locations I could find him but I had the realisation that Warren thought he was still alive. But I didn't tell him.

I next find myself on a game show along with other members of my family but not my dad.
I'm standing behind an illuminated table with our family name on it, not dissimilar to Family Fortune.

The difference being, the host is zany entertainer Kenny Everett.
Kenny is jumping and prancing about and being generally manic.

No one seems to know the game rules or indeed care too much.

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