Thursday, 5 July 2012

Granny's exploding foot

Starting off, I'm at my mums with my wife. We are sleeping but get disturbed by the drunken shouting of a female from the garden.
When we go outside, my younger sister is very drunk and singing. We both have a go at her and she is very remorseful and goes to bed.

I then find myself sitting at the top of a wall inside the house that has a square cut out so that I can see into the adjoining room.
Looking down as I dangle a leg into either room, my wife is on the bed asleep but is shouting and throwing her arms about having a vivid dream.
She is so animated that she falls onto the floor.

Next I'm watching as people gather into a church. One of them is an old lady on a mobility scooter.
As they are all assembled the doors burst open and an exact double of the old lady on the same scooter races down the aisle.

The speeding old lady is holding a severed foot that she throws at the other old lady who catches it.
It explodes killing everyone and blows the church up.

Lastly just prior to waking up, I was jet washing my dog.
My dog was really unhappy at this and was kicking off to say the least.

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