Saturday, 21 July 2012

Giants & drug dealers

The very first sight in my dream was that of a giant woman. Not just very tall but a real gigantic size, she was at least the size of a two storey house.
I woke, wrote 'giant woman' on my phone and fell back to Sleep.

I was driving to my mums house in a white transit van. It was night and I found a space to park. Manoeuvring the van into a space I notice I'm across a driveway and park further along, taking ages. After carefully going back and forth happy that I'm tight to the curb, I get out and as I look back to admire my parking skills, I see that it's in the middle of the road!

I'm next in a flat moving in all the furniture. It's not my home but I appear to know the occupants and I'm helping them move in.
After putting all the furniture in place I realise I've got rolls of carpet that should have gone down first.
I throw them out of the window to the street below.

A female comes in the flat and says she isn't living there as the flat above is the home of a drug dealer.
I then start to remove all the furniture again and as I do so I notice my cat is an Alsatian, a full size dog with my cats face.

Finally I was at work and my friend Kev walked in looking as if he hadn't slept for weeks. His face is pale and his eyes are black and puffy.
Our supervisor tells him he can't have any more time off as his already been off a month.

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