Sunday, 29 July 2012

Exploding dead woman & giant Fudge

I walked towards a house with a dead woman standing at the entrance door. Although she was deceased, she was looking fairly well.
I entered the house and it was a wash with a brilliant white light, so bright I couldn't see.

The woman due to being dead wasn't able to enter the house, no idea why but as I walked back outside I pushed my hand towards her shooting a bolt of blue light, hitting her in the chest.
The woman was launched into the air over a cliff and exploded in mid air.

I'm next at my mums house watching a TV programme about repairing miniature steam trains. A mix of all those trash day time programmes, Trains in the Attic, come steam with me.

Lastly I was getting dressed in a sweet shop, putting on horse riding clothes.
A man wheeled in a trolley with a giant fudge bar on it. It was about 4 foot long.
The fudge bar started to wriggle and I could see a small child inside the wrapper struggling to get out.

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