Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Evading the law in PJs

All about work colleagues last night, all of which I know but don't directly work with.
Firstly John Richardson is in my house and was threatening to tell the world that my name wasn't Maximus and that I had a girls name.
I couldn't allow this to happen or to allow him to leave.
I beat John within an inch of his life, thus ensuring his silence.

Next I am on the run from the coppers, racing out of a building and onto the street I can hear the sirens getting louder behind me.
I wasn't able to melt into the crowds of people as I was in red striped pyjamas.

Reaching my house I saw Andy Coop dressed in police uniform. Thinking the game was up, I stopped running. Andy winked at me and told me keep going.
I ran into my house, met by my wife looking concerned.
I shouted, 'I've been here all night, right'.

Finally I was at the underground station near to my mums house with the lady from my local village shop challenging a very tall shoplifter.
Being the good citizen I intervene but the thief made good his escape.

Running out into the street we are suddenly in the countryside. I am losing ground on him and he vanishes into a hedge.
I pass Paul Feane who I shout to grab him but he let's him pass him.

Jumping into the hedge I see him across the field. I run like an Olympic sprinter. I catch him jump on him and hold him down.
Paul arrives drops his trousers and sticks his bare arse in the shoplifters face.

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