Friday, 13 July 2012

Cable penis & serial killers

I was in prison last night, I must have been the new guy as a huge man by the name of big Tony was acting like he ran the place.
Clearly intimidated by him I did as I was told, which was to cut the top of my own penis off with a pair of wire cutters.
As I did this I noticed that my penis was made of electrical cable and clipping the top off exposed the wires.

Next I am teaching my wife to be a crack shot with a high powered rife.
She expertly shoots out the minute hand on a clock that is about a mile away via a telescopic lens attached to the rifle.

Finally I walk into a room and find a drunk man covered in blood and hugging a clearly dead guy. I recognise that he's dead due to his throat being cut.
I wake the drunk man and tell him I'm calling the police.

I open the door of the room and enter straight out into a shopping centre.
A work colleague called Franky Knuckles is out with his Son and I approach him and tell him I have caught a serial killer.

Franky is totally unimpressed and continues shopping.
Oh well.

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