Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Budgie keys & hairy food

Recently I have been having occasions when I am unsure if I'm asleep or awake.
Last night thinking I was being tickled by my wife as I slept, I opened my eyes to see that she was asleep.
I went to move and realised I was frozen, unable to even move a finger.

I then try to shout out but no sound emits from my mouth.
I keep trying to call out, my body paralysed, eventually I scream out loud which is the exact same time I wake my wife who once again has to grab hold of me is as she is also woken.

Drifting back to Sleep with my heart pounding I dream straight away.
My wife places a bunch of keys on a large oak table and tells me they belong to the budgie.

Lastly I was in my childhood bedroom, my mum brought my dinner up to me and I start to eat it but keep noticing long black hairs in it, pulling them out I discard them on the floor.

I then start to change for school, knowing I have PE as my lesson. PE being physical exercise as it was called in my school days.

I pull on a long pair of red football socks but over the top of my normal black socks. I then take the black socks off whilst still keeping the red ones on, which was very tricky.
I then put my football boots into a small plastic carrier bag and skip off to school.

By the way, I don't own a budgie.

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