Friday, 27 July 2012

Bed hunt & football violence

I start by exiting Becontree London underground station on the District line.
Turning right and crossing the road to walk down the hill past the parade of shops, I start to count the number of empty closed businesses. I reach 6 by the time I get to bottom if the hill.

I am next entering a bed & Breakfast with my wife and her friend Maz. The beds are quickly claimed and before I know it my wife and her best mate are tucked up and fast asleep.
I walk through another door in search of a bed, I see one that someone has already slept in, it's vacant but I won't get in it as its not clean.

After hours of searching, exhausted and in need of sleep, I collapse on the floor in the passageway and start to snore.

Finally I'm at a football match with my wife. A small game as we are pitch side on the white line.
Two players fall to the ground in a tussle for the ball and they start to roll around the floor fighting. The referee is watching but does nothing. We both shout at him to stop the fight.
One of the players stands up and begins to stamp repeatedly on the head of the other man. He's studded boot, ripping his face open in a blooded mess.

Finally the ref raises his red card at the assailant and then walks away leaving him to continue his frenzied attack.
Applaud by this, we leave the game discussing it as we walk.

The violence still continuing and the game carrying on.

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