Monday, 23 July 2012

Attic jigsaw

Last night was a single scene of an attic.
Along with several other people who I have never seen before, I was cutting sections of supporting beams out of the roof.

It was dark, dusty and very hot and I could feel the sweat running down my back.
After what seemed like hours of painstaking removal of the timber supports, we all have the realisation that the roof is in danger of collapse.

I the spent the remainder of the dream, putting all the beams back together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, waking as the last piece slotted into place.

I'm sure I had a previous dream about cutting out attic supports?

I looked this up and got the following:

To see an attic in your dream is a symbol of once buried recollections that are now rising to the surface. It also represents your ability to merge your unconscious, conscious, your physical being.

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