Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wellie bath

I was driving behind a bus on a very long straight road.
Running along side the bus was a boy, he kept attempting to overtake it but every time he tried, oncoming traffic forced him back.

I was next in a living room with very a very high ceiling, I was trying to sleep but the wind outside was smashing against the windows and the noise was horrendous.
I decide to take a bath and walk into the adjoining room and run the tap to fill the bath.

Just as I get and sit down, I notice a pair of very muddy Wellington boots, I remove them, putting them in the sink and lay back in the murky bath water.

I wash my face and upon removing my hands and opening my eyes I see my friend Chris sitting next to the bath. His partner along with my wife are also there.
Chris and his partner are both naked and my wife, who is fully clothed, is washing their backs.

All a little awkward.

Just as I woke this morning I fell out of bed! Doh!

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