Sunday, 17 June 2012

Spiral race

My good friend Martin was chatting to me last night outside an enormous grain dryer that was very loud. He was telling me all about his crops as the machine whirled and turned the grain.

I woke a couple of times during this part of the dream and could still hear the grain dryer, which was actually the fan in my bedroom which had transpired into my sleep as the dryer.

Next I am riding on a bus, standing by the exit with my finger on the button looking for a place to stop.
I get off and find myself at the bottom of a huge set of spiral stairs.
Also at the bottom is a black woman who has the face of a guinea pig and a boy who thinks he's Jesus.

We begin a race to the top, which for the best part I am way ahead.
As the staircase gets higher it becomes narrower and the ascend gets harder.
I'm in sight of the top and can taste victory when the boy floats past me sliding on the stair rail.

He reaches the top ahead of me smiling down and says, "Told you I was Jesus"
Not impressed.

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