Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Special decorating

Starting off last night I was talking to an old man who was explaining that he along with a friend had been beaten up whilst they were shaving.

I decided to take some details from them to make it look as if I was interested.
Not having any paper I start to write on their shaving razors. I very soon run out of space.

I am next waiting at an empty glass cabinet for some car keys to be returned. I see Nina from my work and I ask her if she has any car keys.
She pulls out of her pocket a key that's about 3 foot long and hands it to me.

Lastly I'm in a bedroom that has been so badly decorated that it looks like a child has done it.
The wallpaper is hanging off, held loosely on with Sellotape and the windows have been painted blue.

I am absolutely slating the room when a female walks in. She clearly has mental health problems and is screaming and waving her arms about delighted at her skills at interior design.

I leave without speaking or making eye contact.

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