Monday, 18 June 2012

Ray Winston's revenge

Last night I was in the company of some very shady characters. I was hanging around with a bunch of villains that ran a protection racket in the east end of London.

They were telling me that actor Ray Winston was after shutting down their empire and they were hiding from him by driving around in an ice cream van.

I had the villains trust and met up with them all, this time on a narrow boat on the river.
As they all stood on the boat I removed my mask to reveal I was Ray Winston. At the same time I pulled out a shot gun and began to blast them all whilst laughing.

Everything then went to slow motion and I could vividly see the bullets exploding massive holes in their bodies, blood and guts flying across the river turning the river red.

When I stopped shooting, they were all dead and a scene of total carnage remained.
I calmly walk away smiling.

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