Friday, 1 June 2012

Pakistani B&B & OAP crash

I was staying at a Pakistani bed & breakfast and needed a shower.
I walked into a room and found several people laying around the floor sleeping.
A woman pointed to a room to indicate the shower room.
I walked in and found I had to prop the door shut with a mattress whilst I washed because there was no lock. I showered fully clothed too.

Next I was tip toeing in my bedroom trying not to wake my wife.
I picked up some ceramic floor tiles and dropped them causing them to smash. When my wife woke and looked over I pretended I was checking my phone.

Finally I was walking in the school that used to be across the road from my parents house.
I was carrying a yellow pages and my vision was blurry.
I saw a Red Kite swoop down and land a few feet from me. Excited and wishing to tell my dad I ran back towards the house.

As I tried to run I found I was moving in slow motion, in between my mums front gate I could see an old lady and a boy on a bicycle but they were moving at normal speed.

I headed towards the gap between them both but my timing was completely out due to the speed variations of all moving persons and my perception of distance being hampered by my blurry vision.
The resulting dash left me in heap of tangled bicycle, old lady and yellow pages.

I should have risked assessed it first. Lesson learnt.

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