Sunday, 24 June 2012

Old man kid

I was on the top deck of a bus, at the front so I can see where I'm going and so I can pretend to be the diver. Something I used to do as a child.

Ahead of me is another bus being driven by my wife. She is entering the grounds of the A & E department and steers to park the bus in a very small bay.
She reverses and gets so close to my bus that they touch but it's such a soft contact that only I notice.

I next walk past a woman's accessory shop, full of earrings, bags and bracelets.
The staff are saying that an old man has stolen some items. I look around and see an elderly gentleman in a suit. With him is a small child about 5 years old.

The child is a mini version of the old man, he is also dressed in a suit, has grey thinning hair and is pushing a small zimma frame that is on wheels.

The real old man looks at me with an apologetic glance as the mini old man shuffles off dropping ladies accessories as he walks.

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