Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nazis, bus havoc & vomit

I appeared to have been at a meeting of some kind, I was sitting next to Sean, a work colleague, so assumed it was work related.
That was until a swastika dropped down at the back of the stage and everyone greeted it with a Nazi salute.

A lad sitting next to Sean saw that he wasn't saluting and punched him in the head.
Angry at this I handcuff the lad behind his back and proceed to frog march him through the streets towards the nearest police station.
I entered a building to find it was a canteen, I push the lad past everyone saying, "sorry" as I go.
Eventually I reach the police only to be told that they don't want him as his only 14!

Walking along the street I see a car driving on the pavement. I run over to the driver and ask the driver what he thinks he's doing.
The guy starts laughing thinking its funny. This enrages me so I pull him out of the car and beat him.

Finally someone has stolen a red bus and is driving at speed through the night of the city centre.
Again in my do good mode, I take a fire engine and give chase.

Racing through a train crossing I lose site of the bus, rounding a corner I see an amusement arcade with a big hole in the wall.
Entering the building I see the bus has crashed inside and a man is having his ear stitched up by a paramedic, my wife was sitting on top of a fruit machine.

I suddenly start to vomit, emitting a bright yellow bile onto the floor. Then a small neat pile of baked beans, followed again by some more bile.

No carrots though.

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