Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ghost holiday & pet person

Initially I am in a holiday village with my mum and wife we arrive via boat and disembark straight into a canteen.
A really old woman sits at our table and I ask her what she wants to eat. Her reply is pie and mash.

My mum orders her food and the very overweight female food server smiles at her. I get to order and she totally ignores me, missing me out.
Annoyed I walk outside to see lots of people, I try to talk to them and become increasingly angry as everyone totally ignores me.

I sit on a fence and watch everyone walking past including my mum and wife. The old lady from the canteen approaches me and says I can't be seen as I'm a ghost like her.

Next I an in a house where there is a pet person laying in a dog bed. They are female, naked and skinny.
I have to tell her off because she starts to chew the waste paper basket.

Acting like a naughty dog, her ears drop and she gets into her bed and looks at me with big sad eyes.

Bad girl, in your bed.

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