Saturday, 16 June 2012


Last night I woke up screaming, alarming my wife and myself in the process.

The reason for this was that my head was on fire. I spontaneously combusted, flames were shooting out of the top of my head, engulfing my face. I think screaming is a perfectly acceptable response.

In the next part I was eating some herbal cannabis, which is very chewy by the way.
A really fat man in a red top was running away from me and I knew I had to catch him. I placed my arm into the air with fist clenched and turned into a superhero, flying into the air and giving chase whilst still causally eating the weed.

The final part involves me sitting waiting to use the shower. I'm with my mum and some others I don't know in a house. I'm aware it's morning.

I go outside to make a phone call and try to call my mum. I look down to see my feet are in a puddle and I have no shoes on.

Going back inside my mum asks who I was calling and I tell her I was ringing my mum.
She looked at me confused.

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