Sunday, 10 June 2012

E Type smash & Eastenders reunion

I begin by constructing an elaborate metal frame at exactly 8am in the morning.
It's bolted together and is huge when completed. I am in the process of fixing the frame to the wall of my neighbours grade 2 listed home when they come out to see what the noise is about.
Needless to say they are not impressed at the new addition to their house.

I'm next in the street and watch in horror as Chris Boother from work crashes an old works car into the front of my red E Type Jaguar.
Checking the damage, Chris thinks its ok but the front is mangled and beyond repair.

I walk into a Boots the Chemist store and proceed to change the covers on a bed. The female assistant starts to chat to me and just as I finish neatly adjusting the bed, she spills her cup of tea over it.

Lastly I'm watching an episode of the appalling soap opera, Eastenders.
The scene is one of burning streets and looted shops.
Sharon is hiding in a loft and her dad, Den is chatting up a female when he hears a sound above his head.
He investigates and upon opening the loft hatch discovers my younger sister is up there.

They emotionally hug and are happy at being together again.

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