Thursday, 7 June 2012

Donkey fight & Famous wedgie

My adventure starts with me at the little corner shop close to my childhood home. It was known locally as Cheap Jacks and sold everything you could ever need.

I'm looking for a piggy bank to buy but I get distracted by a fight in the street.
When I look outside I can see two rival teenage gangs, one gang is at an advantage as they are all riding two legged donkeys.
Charging at the other gang on their mounts, they are quickly chased off and one poor lad is caught and given a beating.

Next I find myself in a working mans club where Johnny Depp is on stage. He asks for an assistant to join him from the audience and my good friend Lee-Ann pops up.
What takes place next can only be described as bizarre as they both take turns in giving each other a wedgie.

Lee-Ann pulls up Johnny's underpants to reaveal huge white bloomers and they both roll around on stage in various states of pain and sporting shocked looks on their faces.

The crowd, myself included look on in a mixture of disbelief and horror transfixed at the so called entertainment.

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