Thursday, 28 June 2012

Devil bashing Dad

I was for unknown reasons evicting a young foreign boy from a first floor flat.
The lad was protesting about it so much and obstructing me, I rolled him up inside a carpet and threw him onto the back of a lorry.

Next I was on the roof of the same flat unfolding a sofa bed. The roof surface was gravel and there was no protection from the elements. The sheet didn't fit!

Next I was watching an appallingly bad talent show being held live in my mums living room.
An American singer was getting booed from the assembled audience and I walk out into the bathroom to escape the torment.

From the small vented grill in the ceiling, the devil shouts out my name and blows flames out from behind the grill towards me.

I turn back into the living room and shout out, 'Dad the devil's breathing flames at me!'
In races my dad armed with the cardboard tube from inside a toilet roll.
The devil continues to breath out flames into the room, dad in between the flames, places the tube against the grill and blows.

As the source of all evil spits out fire he gets it blown back into his face causing him to scream in horror.

My dad looks round at me, tosses the cardboard tube into the air, winking at me as he walks out of the room.
A trial of smoke floats from the grill and I look up at it smiling.

Dads are awesome.

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