Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crow jailbreak & black face

I was in a dark prison cell and could see a crow jumping around in the shadows. I was watching Stan Laurel on the TV and I was laughing hysterically.
The crow very cleverly picked the lock with its beak thus allowing my escape.

I then dream that I'm asleep and that I woke up startled and when I looked in the mirror I saw that I have turned into a black woman. I grab a can of deodorant, hold it to my face and shout, "Turn me back or I'll spray!"
I shut my eyes and when I open them again I have gone back to normal self but my wife has now turned black.
We both start to scream and I wake up for real with a start. Seeing my wife soundly asleep next to me I go back to my slumber.

Lastly I am cleaning the house and my wife walks into the living room carrying a plant in a pot in each hand.
She walks straight at the sofa, hits it full on and is thrown over the back if it with the momentum head over heels.

Subsequently the contents of the pots are smashed and soil and broken plants are strewn all over the carpet.

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