Saturday, 2 June 2012

Crisp fight

Last night I was a Grab bag size of cheese and onion flavour crisps.
I had arms and legs and my face was on the packet.
I was my normal size so huge for a packet of savoury snacks.

Inside a room there were two other grab bag packets, one was beef and onion but not totally sure of the second. Both with limbs and able to talk. As I chatted with them two normal size packets of plain crisps wandered into the room. The plain boys were swaggering and giving attitude to us as if they were something special.

Deciding that these plain boys needed to know their place in the hierarchy of the crisp World, i.e. Plain are the bottom of the pile, I set about giving them a beating, watched and encouraged by the other grab bags.

Beaten and submissive the plain crisps hide in the corner whilst I am congratulated by the others.
Unhappy with their place in life the plain boys decide that they will breed and produce a multi pack of crisps in the hope that they will have some flavoured offspring and proceed to mate.

Two points that I've given some thought too regarding their sexual bonding.
One, they were both male and two, even if they did have children, surely they'd just be plain?

Actually three, what are baby crisps called?

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