Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cold hearted killer

I started as I have before by dreaming that I was writing notes about my dream in my phone. A practice that I do as an aid to recalling my nights activity.
After writing for ages, I woke and looked at a blank page on the phone!

I look on as if I'm watching a movie last night.
A woman gets her best friend drunk and calmly cuts her throat all because they were both interested in the same man.
She then places the body in a sack, drives it to a church yard and cooly dumps it in the over grown bushes.

The woman then informs the police that her friend is missing and even turns on the waterworks just for effect.
What a bitch.

Lastly I was in the garden along with Mel who is an odd job man. He is hinting about it being his birthday but I am ignoring that and instead showing him some miniature flowers I have grown in the window of the back door.
I've managed to make them look like a drawing on the glass but they are real.

He doesn't look impressed.

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