Monday, 11 June 2012

Bring me sunshine

Another dream involving a loft or attic depending on where you come from.

I was in my mums loft examining the beams, one of which has the words World war two carved into it.
I decided that the beam was bowing slightly so I cut a section of it out.
Then deciding that this was somewhat unsafe I decide to leave but do so by climbing on the outside of the house.

The entire exterior of the house is covered in white ceramic tiles, which is an unusual look. When I go into the living room I see an old childhood box game called 'Beat the black ball'.

I'm next watching the TV and Morecambe and Wise are on. I am in fits of laughter as they are both dressed as American college boys and are rollerblading to their signature tune of 'Bring me sunshine'.

I'm lastly walking from my mums house to the shops, I appear to be hungover and smoking. I stagger up the street feeling disgusted with myself.

Beat the black ball was a board game from the 1970's. It was straight forward but fun in the days when children had to use imagination before computers removed that ability.

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